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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we are on day one of my journey to run 2000 miles!

What am I doing exactly and why? As I’ve gotten back into running these past few years, I’ve always set goals for each year. Race PR times, distance, how many runs a week, etc… and this year is no different. As I reviewed last year with my husband and my mileage, he kept joking, will you run 2000???  (in his best exaggerated voice!!) I always laughed at the idea until I realized I was going to hit 1700 for 2014 and that was with 4 lower months earlier in the year, 2000 wasn’t out of a possibility. So as I ran my last few runs of 2014 I reflected on the idea of 2000 miles. But what motivation would I have? Lots of races? Rewards for certain mileage? What? Then it hit me. I was so lucky to be able to run as much as I do and I wanted to give back or raise money for something bigger than me. And often during my runs I think of who cannot run and I “run” for them. So coming up with a charity to run for was easy, our military as sadly many come home unable to run, are off overseas “running” in unbearable conditions, or sadly don’t make it home. I run for them. Those who cannot and I know I would not have the freedom to run as much as I do and be able to afford as much as I run without our military making this all possible here. So, I decided I would run and try to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This is a wonderful charity helping our military and their families. I’m hoping the more I run, the more you all will donate to the foundation. This isn’t a pledge type donation. I’m just going to run, hope I hit my huge 2000 mile goal while you follow along, maybe get inspired and donate financially to the foundation. There is a link in the sidebar to go directly to the site and donate whatever you can as often as you can! Together we can make a difference. 🙂

And if you are a runner, why not join me and try to run 2000 miles or whatever is doable for you? Comment on the blog how your runs go, what motivates you and anything else running related so we can all end 2015 better than the last!

Hope to hear from you all and follow you along your running or fitness journey this year, but most of all, watch our donations to the foundation grow!

Have a wonderful 2015! Hope you have a blessed, peaceful and wonderful year!

Here I go on my first run of the year in my favorite new gear! 🙂

Wearing: LLL cool racer back tank, Wal-Mart sports bra, LLL speed shorts, Procompression calf sleeves, Newton Energy and LLL no show socks.