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This past Sunday, as I trudged my way through my long run, I fell. First running fall ever. I’ve heard many a story of people falling, bruising, bloodied knees, etc but thankfully I’d been spared. Maybe it’s because I’m slow or look down as I run or just lucky, I don’t know, but this past week I became one of the newest falling members. It was so close to the end of my 13 miler too. Dammit! Lol!! Yes, it was already a particularily bad run that day as nothing was going right, but I was only 1.5 miles from the finish when it happened. It was like slow motion too. Slow enough I had to time try not to land on my knees, tried to fall sideways onto the grass, which I missed by a hair (of course) and landed on my hands, especially my right pinky finger. Luckily the fall wasn’t bad, I continued on and finished my 13 only a few minutes slower. What I didn’t realize was my left knee was pretty scraped up, felt the sweat drip into it (OUCH!) but it was my pinky finger that took the brunt. The bone right near the connection to the back if my hand was bloody. No skin left there. I didn’t even realize it was cut until I went to wipe the sweat off my forehead. That’s when I saw stars. Holy pain! LOL! Pool of forehead sweat in a gravel filled scrap. 😳 So I quickly grabbed what I thought was my water bottle from my belt. Nope it was the bottle filled with Nuun. Citrus flavored Nuun. I was done lol! I actually laughed at that point as my run had just sucked that whole morning. Every step was heavy, it was CRAZY HOT for  January, had two pit stops (which I NEVER take), my water belt was wonky the entire time and I fell (just after I had thought to run longer than my planned 13!). It was just one of those days! I just hope this means my next few runs will be great! Right? Right? 🙏

So, how has your week been so far? Getting in good workouts? Any good healthy recipes to share? Comments? Let’s hear it! 

Have a spectacular week!