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I often get asked what I eat with teaching and running as much as I do. My husband says I eat like a 16-year-old boy. LOL! It seems to be the hardest thing for runners to figure out. How much should I eat, how often, what to eat, etc. A runner can go from runger to way overfull in .2 second flat. But if you under eat, you hit the dreaded runner’s wall. It has taken me a while to figure out how to eat when running 35-45 miles a week and 12-15 yoga classes a week (mostly teaching too). I found to always have good, healthy foods on hand and most of them quick foods for when deep hunger springs up on you with no warning. My yoga bag is full of go-go squeezes, cashews and lara bars. All fill me up and are quick to grab. My meals have to be quick, filling and tasty as well. I never understood people saying they don’t have time to cook. I’ve been timing my meals and outside of crock pot meals, most take 30 mins or less start to finish. Eating well doesn’t have to be hard or take all day. I prefer a good, lean protein, lots of fruits and veggies and a small side of a carb. While my protein is cooking,  I make up a salad, dish up our fresh fruit and if eating a starchy/carb, use the 45-60 second brown rice cups. Everything is ready to go in under 30 mins. Breakfast can be easy too. I start most days with pb and a banana or hardboiled eggs (made the night before). The key to healthy eating is to be prepared! Never let yourself be without good choices and a lot of choices too! 🙂

Snacking is a must too. Many people feel snacking is bad, but snacking can be very helpful to your diet, especially when you pick the perfect snack. Hummus, salsas, berries, cottage cheese/yogurts, etc all fill you up without breaking your daily calorie count and satisfy that 3 pm hunger rush!

Now I am not going to lead you to believe I eat perfectly all the time. I find eating in moderation is key. Often you will find dark chocolate, Combos, and Cadbury cream eggs in my pantry. I love my treats and won’t give those up! LOL!

Coffee is also a huge staple in my diet. Not only does it help runners, I love it with a bit of peppermint mocha creamer! 🙂

So keep fresh easy to grab foods on hand, snacks in your car, desk, purse, bag, whatever and anytime hunger strikes you are all set and filled up without having to hit the vending machine or the local fast food!

The last thing that I must have is my water. Drink lots and lots of water! That helps hunger too!

Happy eating everyone! Share with us what you like to eat to keep runger at bay?