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runner life complete_edited-1There are several telltale signs you live with a runner. At anytime you walk into my house, you will find the following in random places around my house! Some are more obvious why I have them, others not so much! But no one really understands the mind of a runner! 🙂

Here you will find just a few random items around my house (sadly I could add a 100 more odd items around LOL!!):

A basket full of shoes. Not just a pair or two, but a runner has many in rotation, stockpiled, shoes they tried but didn’t work, old ones kept just in case, etc. Never question the amount of running shoes. You never know what pair will work when! Just look away!

Somewhere in my house, you will find a foam roller, the stick, a golf ball or tennis ball laying around. You never know when you need to drop down and work out a tight muscle. These are essential to working out knots, exhausted legs, lactic acid and for general muscle relief!

Snacks upon snacks upon snacks are stashed all over your house, car, purse, bag, etc. Runger is no joke and must be satisfied STAT when it hits. Snacks are a 100% must in a runners house. And never come between a runner and their food. Never. Just step away and find something else to eat.

Water bottles. Lots of water anywhere anytime. Runners are always thirsty!

And ice cups. Ice therapy is the end all be all relief for this runner. I cannot live without a good, cold ice cup digging into my hamstring. Nothing soothes it better than several ice therapy sessions a day. Plus its great on those large calf knots. It digs in deep and works them out quickly!

So what random things are stashed around your house?

Have a great day!