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compressionIMG_4616IMG_4614Running is very hard on your body. The aches the pains the strains the knots the exhausted muscles. It all starts to add up and outside of getting a massage daily, what can you do to help your body to recover? One of my best recovery tools is not only ice, but a preventative measure of compression. For during running, I use compression calf sleeves and after long runs of 10 or more miles, I like to wear compression socks for the day. I find wearing compression sleeves or socks really helps my recovery. My legs knot up a lot less, less tiredness and soreness and over all quicker recovery for my legs to get back out there as soon as possible.

The compression sleeves I choose are from PRO Compression. They are fitted, colorful, wear and wash up well. They also offer every so often Grab Bags which are three mystery pairs in your size at a very discounted price. Plus they often have discount codes you can add to it as well! I have had to work with PRO Compression’s customer service, Jeff in particular, too and they/he were/was incredibly helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their products. 🙂 As you can see (in a few of my pairs–I own several more LOL)  they work great with shorts. I do wear them sometimes with my capris, which work well too and not too tight or warm, but so far it’s been warm enough here to still live in shorts.

So, what are your recovery gear favorites? Share you favorite products!

Have a great day!

**I am not a doctor so if you have pain, call your own doctor and get help!**im just stating what works for me. Always seek medical help as needed.