what i eat  full picThis week is one of those crazy weeks. I cannot get enough food! I was that yoga teacher today stuffing her face in between her three back to back classes. Students coming in, asking questions, etc and I couldn’t get the food in fast enough. I do have an excuse though. I only get 15 mins in between 2 of my classes then 45 before I teach again. And today happen to be one of those days runners don’t know what to do with. Nothing is filling me up. I’ve tried everything! Bananas, chili, peanut butter, Lara Bar, Go-Go squeeze, eggs, diet coke, water, coffees, a coffee biscuit, and much much more. And yet, IM STILL HUNGRY. Runger is no joke. I am keeping up on my running and teaching and stretching and walking and etc……..so it’s no wonder I am a garbage can. Throw anything in me to try to fill me up. LOL!!!

But runger is no joke and for many runners like myself it is hard to find that happy medium of eating well, filling up and fueling enough for the long runs without over eating, eating crap and gaining weight (which is very common with high mileage runners) or worse having it hurt the daily or long runs. What combination that works for one, might not work for others. Some weeks I find that happy medium. Some weeks, nothing, I mean nothing works and I dream of food. So what can runners do? LOL who knows. It’s a struggle for all runners to figure out. And yes it is a tough problem to have (sarcastic) LOL but imagine loving a hobby so much that you are DYING hungry all the time. The struggle is real! LOL

So runners.. What do you do? What finally curbs that hunger in you? Share with the class… 🙂

And once again, a favorite yoga pose…