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177 milesWell, I can’t believe it, but here we are at the end of January. This month was long but quick all at the same time. It was quite a bumpy month for me running wise. I started this journey full of excitement and enthusiasm, but as soon as I started telling people and making this goal public, I started to panic. Now all eyes were on me and what if I don’t accomplish the goal. Will people not donate? How embarrassed will I be? This all started to get in my head and I worried more about pounding out the mileage than the goal itself. I tried pushing myself too hard to get ahead of my goal, hurt my legs one week and fell apart when I had to take 2 days off. Mentally it got to me. But I have amazing people in my corner. An amazing husband who never stops supporting me, wonderful yoga students asking me about it each class–cheering me on and a great running buddy helping me through the tough days. Plus there is my family and all of my friends cheering for me across the miles. So, after my big freak out, I reevaluated my goals, my running and just did what I love to do, run. I just got out there and RAN. And once I relaxed the month turned out great. Weather wise I was in heaven. Colder mornings, drier air, just all around fantastic miles.

Here is how my month rounded out: 177 running miles and 55 yoga hours! Not too shabby! 🙂

While I was doing all of this running and yoga, I also met with the wonderful Wendy at SOW Foundation and she helped set us up with a direct link to donate. Now you can access the theroadto2000 donation page and see just how much we all raise throughout the year! Watch our goal increase! We can do this together!

All in all, if all my months are like this, wishful thinking from this Florida girl (oh god August), then I will be just fine! It’ll be a great year! I just hope no matter what, we raise a lot of money for our Special Operations Warrior Foundation!

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So, how was your January? How did you do? What were you up to?