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I often get asked how I can run so early in the morning. I just am one of those people who mentally cannot run after a certain time. Every few weeks, one of my runs has to be later in the day and each step feels like an eternity. I just can’t do it. I am better off getting up at the crack of dawn, enjoying my coffee in the dark (as to not wake my husband), and heading out just as the newspapers are getting dropped off! LOL! But to me that is the best time. I start out in the dark to watch the day commence into a bright sunny day (the norm around here. It’s odd to not see the sun on my run). Even mornings it’s bone-chilling cold for this Florida girl! The chillier the better I say anyway! LOL 🙂
I mean come on look at this….how can you not enjoy the amazing views so early in the morning??!?!
sunrise 1 sunrise 2 sunrise 3 sunrise 4The colors, the clouds, the light…it’s one of the best things to occupy my time on my run. There is no better way to start the day than this. Plus, I don’t lose my whole day to my runs since I have to run so much to get in 2000 miles this year! LOL! But really, I love it. I love knowing I’ve started out before the sun, watch it rise, and come home just as my husband is waking up. Besides the sunrise being nothing better on a run, there is nothing like a good hot shower, coffee and breakfast with my husband after my long Sunday run! Starts my week off just right!

How do you spend your Sunday morning?

Have a wonderful week and month of February!!! ❤