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My week ended fantastically. I had a good 9 miler and a wonderful yoga class! It’s amazing how great I can feel after a long run and teaching. My student’s energy and enthusiasm gives me such happiness and peace through the rest of my day. I was definitely on cloud nine. I didn’t think I could feel anymore on top if the world, then I had a massage

I’ve been trying so hard to better my recovery after running. I’m foam rolling, icing, compressing and resting. But I was bad about making massage appointments. I know I need to go more, but somehow I always put it off. Well, this past week I knew it was time.  I called on my favorite massage therapist, Suzanne.  Suzanne of Mango Massage is truly talented. She can completely transform how I am feeling. I went in crazy tight and left loosey goosey! Suzanne is trained in many types of massage. My favorite is the deep tissue, eye watering, wincing massage. LOL!!! It hurts during but feel 10 years younger immediately after. 

Suzanne can also do a very relaxing massage, neuromuscular therapy, or any type of massage you need. She is also a very talented yoga teacher which means she’s well versed and highly knowledgeable about the human body. Her knowledge of anatomy and how to ease your aches, pains, stresses, etc is second to none. She even teaches the anatomy section in the 200 hour yoga teacher training! 

Check out her site or give her a call and set up an appointment STAT!!

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Meet Suzanne:

**I’m not doing this post for anything but to promote Suzanne. No one prompted me to do this, except the amazing massage and feeling afterward. This was all me and my thoughts. I just want everyone to feel amazing and she truly is the best! I’m very honest in my evaluation of her!! Plus she’s super sweet! ***

Happy Friday! Doing anything fun this weekend? We’d love to hear from you!