Today was difficult. I picked a longer and more mentally challenging route. The distance was fine, but my mind definitely gave out early on and each step was difficult. Normally, I pick routes that have a lot of changes, turns, etc but today’s was not like that. Long strips before any change. I hate those kinds of runs especially running alone, but it’s good to do mental runs every once in a while to build your mental running stamina. I’m definitely weak in my mental training. My mind always gives out first. So, today was a challenging 14 miler. Was supposed to be 15, but I gave up as I ran past my car during the last mile. I just couldn’t do it. I’m happy with 14 though! Gorgeous weather and beautiful morning sunrise!! 

Came home to chug my choco milk, do some deep stretches, then foam roll, ice, and slip on my compression socks. Then sit back and enjoy my morning coffee and favorite magazine! 🙂

How is your Sunday? Looking forward to the week? 

Thank you to those who have donated!!! That is so kind and generous of you!