300Well, I hit the next 100 mark the other day. This last 100 seem quick and slow all at the same time. During the mid mark, I felt like I’d never hit the 100 mark then, BAM! another 100 was done. This weekend marked so many things for me. On my long run today, I reflected on so much……..lots of rambling ahead LOL! It was 4 years ago, when I began my running journey again, after years of not running and a bad car accident that left me flat on my back the October prior. I had just lost my mom, who was my best friend and female soulmate, as well, so things were pretty down for me and I needed change. So, I decided to try to run again. After years of not running and 2 months on my back, my cardio stamina was at an all time low. I was always active. Dancing ( ballet and lyrical mostly), aerobics, lifting, spinning, etc. so to come back after a rough summer/fall of 2010, it was slightly soul crushing. I started back to running by running the C25K program. I had to double and triple up on weeks. It was sad. I could barely run .25 miles without wanting to die and it was slow. But I had had enough of “docs” telling me I’d never run or do any fun cardio again, was tired of being slightly overweight (28 lbs. ago!) and just plain tired of being tired. So I trudged on with the C25K program. While it took me triple the time to get through, I finished and found my love of running again. Soon after starting to try running again, I found yoga which totally changed my life. After starting yoga, I had zero pain left from my accident, dealt with my mom’s death better and overall found new zest for life. Everything seemed better after yoga, even my running improved greatly. After running a while, my friend Nikki, talked me into my first half marathon, the Disney Princess Half in 2013. She ran my first half with me and I didn’t die…LOL That was 2 years ago this weekend. This morning, while on my run, I reflected back to that day. I struggled in that race. I didn’t finish with a bad time, but boy have I learned so much and grown so much since that first race. Running is definitely a trial and error sport, and I stumbled along until I found my happy place with racing. During the Disney race, I hit my first ever running wall. You see, I’m a lone runner. I run 90% of my runs alone. So, when I arrived at the corrals at Disney, I quickly had to learn how to run with others, 24,000 others to be exact. That’s when I learned what racing is and the challenges you face. About mile 8, I hit my wall and texted my husband in a panic. I didn’t think I could finish. I laugh now thinking it’s only 5 more miles, but at that time, 5 more miles was HUGE! My husband talked me through the next mile or so and calmed me down. I then finished nice and strong and took so much from that race for my future races. 2013 was definitely a learning year for me. From dehydration, to proper eating, side-lining injuries, to recovery and PR’ing all my races after that. So when, 2014 came along and I was running strong, starting my yoga career, I knew I had bigger and better things in my running journey. And as I ran today, I thought back to how far I came just last year. I had a totally injury free year, met a GREAT running partner, Jennifer, who without her,  IMG_4300I wouldn’t race the way I do now. She is my rock at races! So, because of a great 2014, was out running today for a cause. I feel like I have found my purpose in running. I laughed to myself today, on my 11 miler, thinking today was a shortie Sunday run LOL, that 4 years ago, a goal like this wasn’t even a thought. I could have NEVER imagined this. How did I get here? How did I get from hardly finishing C25K to trying to run 2000 miles? It’s mind-blowing. I’ve come so far, stumbled a lot along the way, but loved every single amazing and horrible mile. So today, as I ran another 11 for my goal, it wasn’t just about the mileage today, but more of how far I’ve come. How crazy my journey to today has been. The people supporting me, the friends running with me, yoga changing my life. Had I not found yoga, I would’ve never met Nikki, who talked me into running a half with her, which meant Id never have met Jennifer, who had helped me get all of my PRs, I may not be here today, running for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. It’s funny how, all your past decisions, get you to where you are right now today. Like this….From last weeks frozen tundra run to today…lol running 2photo 1 How was your weekend? 🙂