birthday 4

YAY! Another month DONE!

WOW!! Another month is done! I can’t believe I’m doing another month down blog post. This one is more difficult than the last. I really struggled this past month. So much so, that I questioned even doing this. I am not sure what happened this month, but everything just felt off. My weight is wonky, my energy is all of the place with very high or very low, and my body just didn’t like running. It seemed I forced every single run this month. Thankfully, it is a short month, but something was just off.

running shoes

Newton Gravity running shoes work so much better for me!

Back in December, I changed up a few things and at the beginning it seemed to work well, but as time went on, it just wasn’t working very well. I had tried a new type of Newton shoes that I loved at first, but over time I think they just didn’t hold up well with the mileage I am running and just broke down my body which then broke everything else down. So I bought my oldies but goodies again and had a much better run this past Friday. A huge difference. And look how pretty, 😉

I also struggled with sleep. To be honest, I am a terrible sleeper. Anything wakes me up, I grind my teeth badly, and tense up easily while sleeping which wakes me up. So, after night after night of not sleeping well, it caught up to me. There were so many mornings I was on the brink of tears of the thought of getting up and running. But I did! I realized once I was out there I was ok, but getting myself out of bed was a struggle. My husband and I talked a lot about it and have made some changes in the evening to help my sleep. Hope we can find a good solution. I did read up on high mileage running and sleeping and how much more sleep you need. I pretty much should be in bed by dinner time…LOL! I’ll get it figured out!

With low sleep, bad shoes and overall down feeling this month, my pace fell apart. I know this year isn’t about being fast, but it was bad this month especially with the cool weather, you’d think I’d be speedy. I wasn’t. I think with getting more sleep, better recovery and shoes, March should be a better month even as it heats back up!

So, overall I’m happy to see February end. It was just a month to get through, learn new body needs along the way, and continue to raise money for our SOWF. This month also brought in some interest in sponsoring the blog to help raise larger donations for the SOWF and help me a long the way! Plus it was my birthday month and that was fantastic!!!

So, I look forward to March. A longer month, lighter mornings, and breezy runs that are hopefully better feeling than this last month! I’m also hoping to find some races to sign up for and prep for as well. I need something on the books!

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How is your running? Any new goals set?