I am proof that one pair of shoes can change your life forever! 

Running has truly changed my life. I was reminded of how I’ve come the other day. My husband and I were out for an evening walk along one of my oldest routes. One route I’ve been running since the beginning. And as we rounded this one corner, I saw my first ever running goal. The street sign .66 miles down. That sign was my first goal marker. My goal when I started was to be able to run to that sign without stopping. I remember the early days when that was so difficult to do. I would often have to stop, stop to breathe, stop to look around, stop and curse myself! And one day, I was able to run it, albeit slow, I did it! I remember that day so clearly. When I finished running that .66 miles without stopping, I really thought I was gonna die! It was the longest, since I been back to running after my car accident, that I had run completely without stopping. And I have to laugh now, thinking back to how .66 was so difficult to run and at the time I almost threw in the bag and quit running forever.  And here I am trying to run 2000 miles this year! So, the picture above is so true, that one pair of shoes can change your life forever! If it wasn’t for me slipping on my first pair running shoes, again, four years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

I thank you all once again for the support, comments, donations, and encouragement along the way! My followers, my readers, my family and friends are truly what gets me going each and every time, each and every mile, each and every step!