400Well, here we are. Another 100 miles done! I hit the 400 mark during my run on Sunday morning. 400+ miles are completed. That number is amazing to me. FOUR HUNDRED! I know I have a lot to go, but it seems like a lot already. And funny, this last 100 seemed to fly by! LOL I just laugh how some months seem forever, some 100 feel like they drag and this last one FLEW by! I’m still struggling big time with my pace. I just cannot get up to a good fast pace anymore, so I’ve come to terms that this year will just be a slower year. I know it’s only about the mileage this year but it still gets me down.

running 2This last 100 miles was a hilly ride. From beautiful lighter mornings, to cold temperatures Florida hasn’t seen in years, so DST and darker mornings, to higher than average and record morning temperatures, to rain, wind, etc. I saw it all! LOL! But I still got out there every single scheduled run and did it. Some days wearing everything I own, to sweating in my shorts and tank by the end of my driveway! photo 1Oddly enough though, I enjoyed it all. I liked the challenge of fitting it all in, the challenge of running in 20s and 70s in the same week, the finally researching races, etc. It was fun 100!

But the absolute best thing about this last 100 is, we hit the $1000 mark on our donations!!!! THANK YOU!!! We’ve now raised over $1000! Please continue to follow my blog, share with anyone and everyone and donate! I’ll keep running even as we enter our hottest weather here, you keep sharing and giving! Together we can make a difference for our SO and their families!!cropped-untitled.png

I’m also excited that this Sunday is my first race of the year! I’m doing a Leprechaun Challenge. It’s a 10k, 5k, and 1 miler. All back to back! My legs will be toast when I am done, but I am excited to get out there. Hope I’m not the last one in at the 1 miler race…LOL! lep

Have a great week and let me know what you’ve been up to!