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It’s been way too long since I’ve raced. The last race I ran was in December, the Holiday Half. I wasn’t sure which races this year I wanted to do, so I took some time off racing and focused on the miles. But recently I stumbled upon a race and it looked like a good challenge. I’ve done the 2 race challenge before in other races, but this time I decided to try all three.
This weekend, I am running the lep Leprechaun Challenge which is a 10K, 5K, and 1 mile race. Each one is about 30 mins apart. Not sure how I will feel by the end, but I know I can do this distance! Plus, it’s a St. Patrick’s Day themed race, so I get to debut these beauties:
crazy socks

A yoga student of mine had shown me these socks as part of a contest to win a pair of these crazy compression socks. I wanted them bad for my race. So, I checked out their site and fell in love. I contacted them regarding sizes and how to enter the contest since I didn’t have FB. The company was so kind, that after seeing my blog, gifted me a pair to try out! I was so shocked at their generosity and good will. Definitely check them out and see all their crazy socks and sleeves for running. These will be perfect for my race on Sunday!i love running

No matter how I do in the race, fast or slow, I’m excited to add a race to my journey to 2000 miles! motivation