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lep race funnyLeprechaun Challenge Race Day!! Today, I ran the Leprechaun Challenge which was a 10K, 5K and one miler. This was my first time doing the three together and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This was a new challenge for me, it was hot and my pace hasn’t been great lately, but I wanted to try it anyway! So, early this morning, my husband and I headed to Dunedin for the race day fun! lep race mike and i

lep race runningThe race started much later than I am used to running. I normally get out for my long runs by 6:15 am and today started at 9 am, so the heat and sunshine were already working against me. But I hydrated well, tapered this week and kept a positive attitude. At least I was out running and having fun with so many others! lep race running 2 So, promptly at 9 am, the gun went off and I charged my way through the start line. I went out very quick, quicker than normal and fell in line with another runner, who seemed at a speed I could pace. So, I fell in line with her. About mile 2, we started talking. She mentioned how I was a good pacer. LOL, I turned to her and said, “Oh, I was trying to keep up with you! You’re my pacer! LOL” Luckily, we both felt strong and kept that quicker than normal for us pace for a little bit. After the turn, we did slow up, just a bit, but kept pushing. And I could feel it! I started to worry about my legs as I still had 2 more runs to run, but I’ve been chasing a sub 60 for so long, I decided to just keep pushing even if I dogged the next 2 races! Soon, I could see the finish and realized I had not only a huge PR, but a SUB 60!!!lep race close finish

lep race pr

lep race bell

Ringing the PR bell!!!!

lep race startAfter a bit of a break, we headed out for the 5K race. Immediately, my legs started to lock up. I knew to finish well, I had to just push through the tightness and hope they work themselves out a bit and I can finish strong. Once again, I fell in line with another racer and we chatted a bit. That seemed to relax me enough to feel my body loosen and I could sprint to the end. Another PR. This time only by seconds, but even one second better is better! I’ll take it!

Next up, the one miler. By this point, I was hot, shaky, hungry and just done. I wanted it to be over. Thankfully, it was just one little mile to run, but this race felt the hardest. It was past 11 am now, burning hot sun out and I was over it. I kept drinking water and hyrdrating and have done the distance before, but not in these conditions. This one miler was more about seeing what my body could do, more than any PR. I’ve never run just a one miler, so no matter what it would be a PR. And once again, I pushed to the finish. Not as fast as I wanted, but good enough and I had finished the challenge.

Come to find out, I had placed in my first 2 races as well. My first ever awards at a race!! I was  shocked and on cloud nine! What a great day and what  a great feeling knowing all these miles I have been running were worth it!!!!lep race awards

Now off to sub a yoga class at 6 pm! UH OH! LOL!

How was your weekend?