500 picFIVE HUNDRED MILES DONE! YES THIS DESERVES ALL CAPS! LOL! 500 MILES ARE NOW COMPLETED!! I’ve hit the 25% milestone! While I cannot believe how quickly this 500 went by and how huge it seems, the next 1500 seems sooooooooo much harder and long off! LOL! I decided to just do it in blocks through the warm months here. So, I’m only looking towards the next 100 and next 500 mile milestone! I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, motivation, and most importantly the donations. Please, please keep the donations coming in! I once again ask to please share this blog and my donations link to anyone, on any social media, to any news media, family and friends. The more we can raise for the SOWF the more it really ends up helping us all out. Please continue to support the SOWF so we can all continue to live a wonderfully free, happy life here in the USA!
And now onto the last 100 mile review!
This last 100 miles saw so much. Warmer temps, rain (yes I run through the rain)500 7, 500 2 500fog500 6 , PRs, new friends, old friends, weepy days, happy runs, etc. It was actually a fantastic 100 miles. I feel like I went through every emotion a runner will feel, I ran through crazy weather, met a new running friend, caught up with old running friends, and just kept running. I loved every single minute, especially when I PR’ed my Leprechaun Challenge big time! That was definitely a high for me especially since my daily and long runs have been so slow lately. But I killed it at the race. This month with PRs lep race bellalso brought in my first even running awards. Not the highest bill but an award is an award! I’ll take it!lep race awards

While the last 100 weren’t the easiest 100 miles I’ve ever run, not the most perfect weather, but somehow I loved each and every mile. I hurt, I’m tired, I’m always hungry, I am a RUNNER! On to the next 100 miles…..

i love running

How have you been?