calendarHere we are..another month done! And this month was awesome! From PRs, longest mileage month ever, to finally having good spring weather, to hitting the first 25% miles done…500 down, 1500 to go!

This month started out warm. We had a rush of summer like temperatures and as you know, I hate warm weather running.therm So my runs were just about getting them done rather than enjoying them. And with the warm weather I decided to sign up for a St. Patrick’s Day race. Going into it I knew it would be warm. And it was. But I tackled the race with everything I had. I came out of that race with a HUGE PR on my 10k, one miler, and a few seconds on my 5k. It was my race! ūüôā

Besides breaking my race PRs, I finally broke that 190 miles a¬†month PR. I ran 193 miles this month. trophyI did have to miss one run which means I could’ve run 200 miles…DARN IT! That is my one huge goal. One day I want to run 200 miles in a month! Just another goal to work towards!! I can do it! With adding in all these miles, we crossed over the 500 mile mark last week. 500 miles done. WOW that is huge. It all flew by and I cannot wait to see what the next 500 miles will bring!

photo 2To end the month, the weather turned absolutely perfect! Temps lowered, breezy air came in and cooler mornings. The weather us Floridians look forward to all year. We only got to enjoy it towards the end of the month, it was still worth it! My last few runs were so nice I wanted to cry from excitement. I know, I need a life. LOL! I’m actually starting to dream about missing runs and not finishing…LOL

All in all, this was a great, wonderful, perfect month of running! I can only pray the hot weather holds off a bit more to really pound out a few more miles and get more ahead!! lep race bell

cropped-untitled.pngBut the best part of this  month, is the donations still coming in. I cannot thank you all enough for your support to the SOWF. Please continue to follow my journey, share this blog and DONATE DONATE DONATE!

How was your March?