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What the heck does this mean?

lep race runningThat’s the same reaction I had when I first heard this. I was recently at a shoe and running demonstration and heard the speaker mention run with your face. I could only hear part of what she was saying, so after the show I asked her about it. She explained that you first run with your face. It’s not always about how you are running and where but your face that can make or break your run.
This means, first focus on your face. 1392856_10151952713375011_455207347_n3Most often we carry tension, especially running and heavy cardio workouts, in our faces. So as you start your session/run, start with working the tension out of your face. Try to relax your facial muscles, smile a lot, think happy/funny thoughts and feel your face relax. As your face relaxes, the rest of your body tends to relax too which can then help you warm up quicker, help ease your muscles and the cardio activity, especially running, seem easier. While this isn’t the only way to loosen those heavy, dead legs, it is a great place to start.
So, my last few runs that have been terribly tiring, I have been running with my face. FHH277During my first mile or so, I try to open and close my jaw, relax my forehead and think of funny moments in my life. The more I can laugh the more I feel my body relax and the next thing I  know, I’m gliding along the pavement and my runs seem less difficult and my pace picks up! I find my favorite thoughts are of my husband and I and how silly we are 99% of the time or memories of my mom. I swear the things my mom, sister and I would get into on our girls trips make me laugh so hard I can almost not run! But it works.
So, the next time you are struggling with your run or cardio session, try running with your face first. Smile more often! Once you relax your face, it all becomes so much easier!IMG_4300