Another 100 down! I am a bit late on this post as I hit the 600 mile mark on Friday. 600This month, thankfully, was uneventful. The only thing that stuck out was the HEAT came in full force. Cool, crisp mornings are LONG gone and hot, humid, dead air mornings are here!! Once the heat rolls in, I just start counting down how many more runs until the cooler weather is here….about mid September…about 110 more runs to go! LOL!600 3

Aside from the heat, the month full of guests in and out, exhausted me. Plus, I’ve been subbing a ton of classes lately, so my energy level is at an all time low. Luckily a break is coming soon, so I should bounce back ok! So, all in all, a nice month of just pounding out the miles. It’s nice to see the miles to go in the 1300s now as that is building my excitement to 1000, the mid way mark. It seemed so off and far away and now it seems in reach. I cannot wait to hit the mid-point!

How are your runs? Anything new?

600 2Like always, please continue to donate. Let’s get to the $10,000 mark by the time we hit the 1000 mile mark!! If your work or place of business would like to donate, they can match or exceed your donation or if they’d like to sponsor, please contact me, but no matter what, please keep sharing and donating as much as possible!!