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600 3It’s that time of year where we need much more water than normal. It’s summertime (well at least here in Florida). The humidity has rolled back in, warmer than normal temperatures where just getting out of bed makes you sweat. Oh, just me? Well in any case, it’s time to start concentrating more on your hydration than ever.
We can become dehydrated even just overnight. With 6-10 hours of no water, we often wake up very thirsty, so even early morning, we need water STAT. And it’s especially so if you are active. Water, though, isn’t the only thing to keep you hydrated. When you sweat you lose essential electrolytes your body needs to function correctly. We must replenish those as well. There are tons of electrolyte drinks out there, but if you are like me, I don’t want to waste my calories on sugar laden sports drinks. So, what can you do? Try NUUN. Nuun is a low-calorie, less than 8 per serving, sugar-free electrolyte tab you drop in your water. They have different kinds from all day hydration to caffeine included ones for endurance athletes, to electrolyte replacing tabs for any of us who just sweat and lose electrolytes. Nuun comes in a variety of flavors and can be found on their website, sports stores, amazon, etc.

Below is how you use your Nuun in your own water:

Take 16 ounces of water and drop a Nuun tablet in it. Wait about a minute or so as it fizzes and dissolves. Don’t worry, the fizziness goes away once the tab is dissolved.
Then enjoy! I take 2 on every run and usually one more bottle with it throughout the day during the warmer months. Really anytime I sweat, I replenish. I’ve learned the very hard way, passing out at a race, of how important hydration AND electrolytes are.

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So, if you sweat at all, replenish your water and electrolytes. Give Nuun a try. Find you favorite flavor, pop in your water and enjoy!