As my readers know, I have a thing for tee shirts; unique, fun tees. Throughout the cool months here, I live in tees, jeans and sneakers. It’s my uniform. I also love to wear a fun tee to teach every once in a while. So, I am always on the lookout for fun, unique graphic tees. In my search recently, I found Thug Life tees. I love them. They have so many sayings, styles and colors in their offerings. Plus, when I worked with the customer service they were fantastic. They were very friendly, helpful, and ready to also help  my readers with a code for a discount on ordering their tees!! So, check out the Thug Life tees and use the code to start your fun tee collection and use the code, THEROAD10 for 10% off your order!

When I stumbled upon Thug Life, I was immediately drawn to a couple tees. You see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. My husband and I are Christmas nuts. Especially Santas, cookies and cocoa and watching as many Christmas movies we can. From the cheesy hallmark movies to the feature film length ones. So, when I stumbled upon these tees,thug life 3 thug life 5 I fell in love. What a perfect tee to have at Christmas time. Perfect for our Christmas pj pants, movie nights and cookie baking nights!

The other thing people quickly learn about me is, I love coffee. I’m a coffee nut. So as a coffee loving yoga teacher, this tee, thug life 1was PERFECT. I had to have this one right away and the people at Thug Life graciously gifted it to me after seeing the blog and my efforts to try to run 2000 miles! Once again, the generosity of people for what I am trying to do this year is overwhelming.

Thug Life tees are great. My tee came true to size, very very soft, and the perfect cut for women. It wasn’t a boxy fit, hugged my body without being too clingy and has washed up very well. I’ve been living in this tee between teaching and home a lot lately! The gray color is a nice soft, vintage type gray color and the graphics haven’t peeled or puckered. It lays perfectly, even after tons of washings!

I’ve worked with Jordan at Thug Life so far and I cannot say enough great things about him. He’s been helpful, friendly, eager to get my readers to love their tees too and very supportive.

Don’t forget, use the code, THEROAD10 for 10% off your order!
thug life 2And don’t forget, please continue to give to the SOWF as we are hoping to have $10,000 by the 1000 mile mark!!! Let’s do it!