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photo from Dawn’s site

A couple years back, 2013 to be exact, I had a hamstring injury. The injury didn’t seem so bad until I could barely run .5 miles with out a sharp pain in my right hamstring. But like most runners, I ignored the pain, got massages and limped along, not wanting to give up precious running time. Over a few weeks though, it got worse and worse, until my left hamstring started hurting as well. It was a result of babying the right too much and now I was out of commission. I then researched an ortho and pt to get me back on track (more to come about my pt in another post). After 7 weeks of no running, no yoga, and pt work, I was allowed to get back out there, 1 mile 2-3 times a week. I was to slowly build up from there and was eager to put miles in as I had a 16.2 mile challenge 2 months later I wanted to run, but I was trying to be smart and not push it.

After a month of slowly getting back out there, I was up to 4-5 miles 2-3 times a week and my pt wanted me to meet, Dawn, a running coach. You see, I had terrible gait and form. I was running on my toes on the outside of each foot. My pt had never seen anything like it and even showed off my shoe wear at a pt/running conference. He worked with me to get my form back, but wanted me to meet with Dawn, an excellent and highly knowledgeable running coach.

Dawn is a Newton Run Natural Running coach, with her 1000+hour yoga certification, so I knew going in, between her and my pt, I’d be all set! Dawn comes to my area a couple times a year for running clinics, but also meets with clients for one on one private sessions. This is definitely what I needed as I had to relearn my running form and gait, keep strengthening my leg and mostly find a new running shoe.

My pt and I met with Dawn on a very hot fall morning. Dawn was so nice in coming across the state to meet with me and work on my running. Right away I was impressed with Dawn. She stepped out of her car with bags of gear, paper work, etc ready to get me back. We met for almost 2 hours and she video taped me, worked on drills to get my gait back, worked with my pt on my weaknesses and how to correct them, gave me daily exercises to do, warm up exercises, cool down, new foam rolling and icing ideas, then spent a good amount of time in the local running store refitting me for shoes, discussing changes in my running with my pt and got me back on track.
After the session, Dawn has been amazing as well. I’ve had to email her a few times for questions and concerns and she is super prompt, thorough in her response and always eager to keep helping me get stronger and stronger.

Without Dawn and my pt, there is no way Id be running this 2000 miles. I give Dawn a lot of credit when it comes to my running ability. She was so calm, helpful, knowledgeable and very very friendly. If you are in Florida, definitely look up Dawn and meet with her for your running needs! She truly will get you stronger and better out on the road!