700 miles and another month is done!!! This past 100 and month flew by. It wasn’t the most uneventful month I’ve had but not too bad. With family in town, Easter, subbing a ton of classes and the OMG heat that has rolled in made this for one exhausting month. Plus, I ran 50 miles one week, the most I’ve ever run in one week. It was tough but I did it and enjoyed a great weekend off because of it! But I’m tired. The heat has really gotten to me and it really wears me down. Luckily though, the past couple days and next couple will be gorgeous here, so I’m looking forward to that. So, not much new here. Just trying to get the miles in and inch closer to the first 1000 miles!!

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Also, don’t forget about the virtual run/walk to raise money for the SOWF. While this doesn’t give to my direct page, it does go to the SOWF foundation. See the post about it here.

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Well, here’s to the next 100 miles. I’m hoping to sign up for a couple of fall races, start thinking about the next 1000 miles and how to tackle my summer runs if this heat doesn’t quit! Really, I’d like to be shopping as a way to get my miles. Wish I could run from Williams-Sonoma, to Lilly Pulitzer to Lululemon! LOL if only they were all a bit closer! I bet I would’ve hit the 1000 already! LOL!! 😉

i love running

So, how are your 2015 goals coming? Hitting any yet? What are your summer plans? Share with the readers here!!

Have a wonderful day!