questionThis is probably the most asked question I get about my running and teaching! From running 40-50 miles a week, teaching 10-15 classes a week, rest days, working from home and still having a life, it’s all about balance, staying on task and being organized. IMG_4627

First let’s start with the running. I have to set a running schedule for the week before the week even starts. I have to check weather, social activities, teaching schedules, and my energy level. Once I know when I can run, I start to break up my runs. With running 40-50 miles a week I will have several long runs and one shorter run. So I need to find 4 mornings a week I can devote the first part of my day to running. sunrise 2One morning a week I have to make sure I’m up earlier than normal to get the shorter run in before I teach so I can make sure I hit my goal. 2 days a week I don’t run. One I teach only, one I do no workouts. It took me quite a while to get used to this schedule but so far its working.

scheduleAnd this is where adjusting my home life and social life is so crucial. To run this many miles, sleep and rest are a must. More running injuries happen from lack of sleep and exhaustion than any other. So, I have to schedule my sleep. Most nights I try to get to bed by 8-9 pm. Sure it’s early but it has to be done. I love my Friday nights though. Saturday is my off day, so Friday nights I turn my phone off, stay up as late as I can (let’s face it it’s like 10 LOL) and wake up whenever I want on Saturdays. It’s glorious! savasana

yoga for runner 4With staying on schedule, yoga classes are a non-negotiable. That is my main job. So not only do I need to have time to teach, but I must carve out a couple hours a day to make my lesson plans for the next day. Only 2 of my classes every week are duplicates, all the rest are fresh. So I need to make time in my day to do lesson plans. That goes right on the to-do list.

After that, I have to find time to clean, cook, laundry, my work at home job and find time to see my husband. Luckily I schedule every part of my day, so it all works out. But, beyond getting my stuff done, how do I keep going?

hydration 2what i eat  full picWell, eating right and staying hydrated is the most important. I must make sure all of my calories count, with some treats, and I keep up on a lot of water and Nuun throughout the day. I track my calories in My Fitness Pal not to lose weight but to make sure I am eating enough and eating the right foods. When I know I cant all the right nutrients I turn to my trusty vitamins and supplements. My active multi, fish oil and glucosamine really help keep me in tip top shape. Without eating right, drinking water and taking my vitamins there is no way my body could handle all of this. I have been so lucky my body hasn’t fallen apart yet. Sure I have sore muscles and tired joints, but overall I am feeling pretty good!

recoveryAnd that is where my recovery and rest come into play. I have to stretch and foam roll several times a day. I ice my achy, strained muscles and heat my tired tight areas. Also I make sure to wear my compression sleeves, proper shoes and clothing. Running is very hard on your body but if you take the right precautions, you will be running for years! Also, get rest. Get to bed early, take naps if you can, just get your sleep!

Massages are also important. Make sure to take care of those muscles. Massages work out the knots. You cannot out stretch a knot. Massages can help that, ease tired muscles, release lactic acid and help range of motion. My therapist is wonderful!IMG_4818-0

So, while this all seems like a lot of work, it’s not. It’s just good old taking care of myself and loving my hobbies. I love every sweaty, painful, sore mile as well as every single chataranga and asana I teach.

So, how do it do it? I  get rest, eat well and enough, drink  water, recovery and schedule myself to get it all in!
So, how do you do it all?