800 miles done! This last 100 I cannot believe is done! 800 miles run!!! WOW this is huge! I am so excited! We are inching closer and closer to the first 1000 miles!!! This last 100, though, was very odd. I flew through the first 50 like it was nothing. Sure, I was tired, sore, slow but it didn’t seem bad. I enjoyed it. Then something happened on the last 50 miles. I just couldn’t do it. I was so tired. To the point of, I turned my alarm off without thinking and woke up wondering what was happening. On a Sunday. On LONG run day! EKKK! On the last cool morning I will probably see in months. I was so mad. I mean, obviously I was tired and needed sleep, but OMG to lose the last cool morning???!?!? I think I cried a bit. But I got out to at least get 3 in before I had to get on with my day. Later that same week, I cut another run short. I am not sure what happened. Really, I should have hit this 800 later last week, but I just couldn’t do it! Finally, this morning, we hit the 800 mile mark! And to make the day even nicer, I saw my first sign of early morning daylight and summer, HOT AIR BALLOONS. From now until darker morning days, in my area you are bound to see 2-10 hot air balloons on any given morning. It’s warm enough for them to be up there and light enough early to get out at a good time! I love when I look up on one of my routes and see the balloons. It makes our terrible hot summer kinda bearable! LOL
Look how awesome they are:
sunday 800It’s fun running along side them, watching them get bigger as they cross over me and then fade off in the distance! I love running early morning. I watch the sky turn from dark to light, the roads open up to morning commuters and know I am starting my day off just right!

So, how do you like to start your day?

Please don’t forget, we want to hit $10,000 by the 1000 mark. Can we do it???? COME ON DONATE!!!