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Most running mornings I start the day off with a banana and peanut butter. But after a long time of doing that, I wanted a new nut butter. I love almond butter and recently discovered cashew butter. I am quite picky when it comes to the texture of my nut butter as I like to spread it well on my banana. So the nut butter needs to be smooth. I found with a lot of nut butters they are thick and not easily spreadable or need too much stirring. At 5 am, I am barely awake enough to walk to the kitchen so I need easy.

I recently found Jif makes an almond butter and cashew butter. I tried the cashew butter first and loved it. Just like my new favorite cashew milk, the texture was smooth, creamy and an oh so great flavor. So after a few weeks, I tried the Jif almond butter. What I loved first and foremost about this almond butter, no stirring and it was the exact texture of peanut butter. Smooth, creamy, easily spreads. It was perfect! And like all Jif products, it is great.

I do have one other almond butter love. This one spreads terribly though, lol, but the maple flavor is good enough for me to overlook the very dry, thick texture. It is crunchy, maple-y, and very good. I love Justin’s maple almond butter. It’s a good treat every once in a while and I love it!

So, if you like nut betters, definitely give these three a try! None of them need to be refrigerated either which is great too!

How to you like your nut butters? Any other good ones out there I should try??

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