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900Whew what a month!!! We are another month down and over 900 miles DONE!!! This was an exciting 100 miles and month! I had fun races, exciting places to run, a new PR set, inched a bit closer to 1000 miles and have beaten the unseasonably warm weather here already!

This month started out weak. I was tired, run down, just not into it at all. I was just running to get the miles in. I was pretty down on myself, until my husband decided to race at the Corvette Museum Race Track in KY at the end of the month. He wanted me to tag along and I was excited to run in cooler weather, so I thought. It was hot there too! In out planning of the road trip, I realized there was a race only minutes from his track, so of course I signed up! I was ready to kill that 5k! It was a small race but I was ready for it. But towards the end of this month and 100 miles, I was tired and very slow. So slow that I was worried I was hitting overtraining syndrome and maybe I just wasn’t going to finish this. I’m chalking it up to the crazy heat we have had and the busy weeks here. So, we headed out to KY ready to tackle our races.

race KY 3I did well in my race (race post to come). I PR’ed it by a minute!! and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery at the dairy farm where the race was being held!

After the race, I headed over to my husband’s race and hung out at the track all day.corvetter 1 corvetter 2
The next morning, he was racing again, so I ran the race track before it opened to the cars. My husband rode next to me and chatted it up with me. Being he was on a bike, I was able to pace him. I was going to just run a nice recovery run but he kept at a good clip and I was able to keep up with him. The track at the race museum is windy and hilly (steep hills like the race the day before), so by the time I was done, my legs were shot. But I had the next couple days off running, so I enjoyed the challenge and finding my pace again! It was good to run fast, very fast for me!Race KY 4

All in all, this month and last 100 FLEW by! It was a great challenging month both body and mind!

I am so excited for my next 100 post as it will be the 1000 mile post! Continue to follow my journey!