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KY race 6Recently, I was up in Bowling Green, KY while my husband raced at the new Corvette Museum Race Track. While we were there, I found a local 5k race and immediately signed up. The Triple Crown Run and Ride was a 5k, 10k, and ride event raising money for the New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding non-profit 501-C3 organization, dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities, enhancing their lives using the power of horses, & PATH International Premier Accredited Center.
Their goal is to…

  • Strengthen the minds, bodies, and souls of individuals
  • Encourage self-esteem, confidence and coordination
  • Ability and Freedom to be mobile without artificial aides
  • See positive changes in riders – spiritually and physically

KY race 5 race KY 2The race day was fantastic. It was a very small race and this year was the first year they added running.
So early Saturday morning, I headed over to the Dairy Farm and get myself ready. It was a gorgeous and slightly warm morning but for this Floridian I was feeling great!
Close to 8 am we were off. I decided to just push this race and give it all I had. I figured it was only a 5k so I could just haul ass out of the start and even if I struggled it was only 3.1 miles. I could handle that. So, I kept pushing. Enough that I was the 3rd woman! I could see the other two just ahead! I was so excited running in the very hilly Bowling Green area. The hills were tough and rolling but I wanted to keep my place. I knew I was 2nd in my age group too and the only thing keeping me going was knowing I would place and get a medal (medals were only for placing). So I kept getting ahead of those behind me. I wasn’t going to let this go! Soon I could see the finish and a 1 minute PR for myself! I was going to place. Finally!  I had found a race I could do well in…sure it was small but I owned this race! Once I crossed the finish line, I quickly went to the prize area as I needed to head out to my husband’s race. As I stood there so overjoyed with myself, I quickly learned they were only giving awards for the first person in each category. Here I had come in 2nd in my age group, 3rd female and 7th overall and I got NOTHING! What a let down! LOL! I was soooooo crushed! Standard is 3 deep in each category, but they chose to only award to the top. I know I know I know, it isn’t about the award, but dammit I wanted the cool horseshoe shaped medal and Cracker Barrel GC! LOLKY race 2 KY race 7 KY race

Oh well….maybe next race!

Overall it was a great day! I overcame my slowness as of late and proved to myself I could do it, even with no award to show for it….LOL! I am still a winner in my own heart!
After telling some friends about it, one suggested this as my new strategy:
KY race 4Perfect, right???

How is your summer? Any good races?