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It’s no surprise that running in FL can take a lot of work. From staying hydrated, to keeping electrolytes in balance, finding a good time of day to run to finding a good sunscreen, it can all be overwhelming.
And the finding a good sunscreen was my hardest. Too often a heavy but effective sunscreen can hinder sweating, over heat you and set you up for disaster with not knowing how sweaty you really are. Sweating is a good indicator of hydration and without good sweat you may not know how much hydration you are losing. So wearing sunscreen has always been hard for me, until I found this product. It is great. It allows you to sweat naturally, you DONT end up a greasy mess, it keeps your body temp exactly where it is without holding in heat or creating an extra layer over your body. I have worn it on 2+ hour runs now and no sunburn or tan outside of just living in Florida. It didn’t burn my eyes, sweat off, no white layer after sweating, it never stained my clothes. Overall, it has been perfect. It is thick to go on but once QUICKLY absorbed, you have no idea it is on.

Definitely try this out today….It comes in 30 and 50.