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Back in 2013, I was just getting into half marathons. I was training well, getting runs and rest days in and learning a lot from my races. Just before my Iron Girl 2013, I pulled a hamstring. I was able to still run the race and do ok, but after the race my hamstring just kept bugging me. I tried massage and ART and while that was good for a few days, it would always hurt again and worse each time. Finally by July I had had enough. I stopped running and found a great PT. I did some research before hand as I wanted a PT that understood my love of running. I had contacted a few but their immediate reaction on the phone was, “Stop running and don’t run ever!” While that might have been my outcome, I didn’t like that they didn’t even want to evaluate me first and see how I recovered. So after a few calls, I found Paul Terry. I met with him the very next day and never once did he say, no more running. It wasn’t in his diagnosis. He did want me to rest as much activity (no running or yoga while recovering) as possible until we healed the problem, but his absolute last recommendation was to never run again. I liked that he didn’t immediately cut off running. The reason I was so interested in trying Optimal Performance was they were all athletes or active PTs. I knew they would understand me. I knew that they would do all they could to help me get back to running. Sure, I knew that not running may have been what I needed in the end, but Paul and his team were trying to do all they could so that didn’t happen.

Right away in my first session, Paul had me working. He video taped me, measured my hips, etc. I liked that he was aggressive. He knew the more time I had off the worse off I was. And as a runner himself, he fully understood my love of running. 7 weeks later, after a lot of hard work, strength training and massage, I was stronger than ever and he allowed me to run 1 mile 3 times a week and build from there. 2 months later I ran a half marathon and PR’ed it. I still use what Paul taught me even now. Core work, rest, foam rolling and balance activities.

Paul and his team gave me my life back. If you are in the Tampa area, definitely give them a call for all your body needs!

From OPPT website

A little about Paul from their website here:
A native Floridian, Paul has been practicing physical therapy in Tampa since moving to the area in 1998. He holds a Business Administration degree from Presbyterian College and a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine. He is also certified in Manual Therapy. Prior to settling into his career as a physical therapist, Paul traveled the United States with the Doyle Baseball School, instructing players of all ages on the proper mechanics related to the game of baseball. Paul conducts a complete musculoskeletal evaluation for each of his clients to determine all the factors contributing to their pain and dysfunction. He combines this treatment with educating his patients on how to prevent future injuries as well as ways to seek a lifestyle of health and fitness. Paul practices what he preaches through his own participation in endurance sports in central Florida. He has completed several triathlons and enjoys treating athletes from these events. Moreover, as a father of three children involved in sports programs, he has a special interest in education and prevention of overuse injuries in young athletes.