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birthday 4I made it halfway today. I have now run 1004 miles since Jan 1. when I started this journey. I cannot believe I am hallway done. While this 1000 seemed like it was never going to get here, it truly flew by. And it was an excitingly tough, exhausting, fun journey! No run was the same, most were awful and tough but I pushed through all for those wonderful, amazing runs. The runs where I was gliding along the road, the runs where I watched hot air balloons float by, the runs where I broke PRs and the runs in places I never thought I’d run. It has been an amazing journey, but mostly for the wonderful donations I have gotten for our SOWF. I am still amazed each and every donation that comes in of the generosity of my friends, family, yoga students, readers, etc. I cannot thank you all enough for your support not only to me as I keep on running, but for the SOWF and their families. The running part is easy. It’s the difficult times the SOWF families must get through that is the toughest part. I just hope the donations keep rolling in and we all can ease the sadness, difficult times, and hardships the SOWF families are dealing with. Please give. If you have already given, please give again or share my donation link with others. Blast this out on all social media. Let’s get to $10-20,000 by the end of my journey!

running 2 photo 1And what a journey it has been. I’ve run in hot weather, record cold here in Tampa, the hills of Bowling Green, have had some amazing PRs at my 5k, 10k and challenges.KY race lep race running I’ve run with wonderful friends, met new friends, run with my husband, and all by myself day in and day out. I celebrated my 38th birthday with a great run, had to cut runs short due to soreness and exhaustion and extended runs on those amazing running mornings. The ones you try to but somehow can’t duplicate.

I think my favorite part so far in this last 1000 is the fact that I am still here running. When I started this journey I had no idea if I would be able to finish. I had no idea if I could do it, but I was sure as hell gonna try. And every running morning I get up, not knowing how it will go but I do it anyway. I have found motivation and strength in myself I never knew I had. I realized I could do it because of the amazing support I have received and knowing our military does 100 times what I am doing every day without a second thought. I was worried by now I would hate running but the opposite has happened. Even on the worst runs, like this morning, I still love it. I think I love it more and more each and every run! I feel like I can finally call myself a RUNNER! Race KY 4

But I can’t do a 1000 mile post without specifically thanking one person in particular. lep race mike and iMy husband’s support has been second to none. I’ve had to cut nights out short, had to go to bed crazy early, been sore, tired, weepy, savasanaexhausted, moody, drained, hungry, excited, overwhelmed, scared, hungry, hungry again, left running shoes all over the house, water bottles, ice cups, foam rollers,  etc around the house, gotten up early, bought running shoes after running shoes, complained, chatted on endlessly about my runs, etc and never once has he complained. He has and still is 100% supportive of my journey. He’s been out there on early mornings to take me to races, followed along my route to keep me company and give me waters, sent me running shoes instead of flowers (best way to a runner’s heart LOL), etc. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him. He is my rock. He is my strength and my encouragement each and every day! He still cheers me on each and every run. He is my everything!

So on to the next 1000 miles. I wonder where I will be at the end of this journey…will I make it??? On to the triple digits!!!question