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I am not a runner who runs with music, but I do run with my iPhone. It’s nice to have it there in case I do decide to listen to music, need to call for help or just have with me for anything. And I have always liked using armbands especially on days I wear my waist hydration belt, I have no other room for a waist iPhone holder.
Well, with so much running, I use my armband a lot and recently I have been going through them like crazy. They are good for a few runs then they rip, stretch out, sag and slide down my arm. I’ve been through 3 in a year and I was fed up. So I decided to research better armbands or figure something else out because I was tired of rebuying arm bands.
After some research and talking to other runners,  it was suggested I try Armpocket armbands. For one, they have all different styles. racer-rgt-grayI liked the sleek racer model as I don’t carry much with me, but they have all kinds of models to fit phones (all different kinds), keys, fuel, cards, etc. Plus, and this is what I liked best, they fit by size. My biggest hassle with other armbands, besides ripping often, was they were too big. One size fits all. Well, I don’t carry much weight in my arms. I carry lower body weight, so one size fits all didn’t exactly work for me. Armpocket has sizes and their small size works perfect.
I also like that my id/cards fit behind my phone in their own pocket with a layer between my arm so that layer catches my sweat. The phone and cards stay nice and dry even on my most sweaty runs!

Overall, so far I love the armpocket armband for working out. Great features, sizes, models, material, and access for phone, cards, using phone while in the armband and cord access. I can wash it as well and I airdry to keep it in tip top shape!
It also fits snuggly to my arm, so no bouncing, shifting or sliding during my runs!
I also had to contact their customer service and they were very helpful, prompt and eager to help me figure out just exactly which model is best.

Check out Armpocket today!