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WAHOOOOOO!!! 1100 miles done and mid way through the year!!! I’ve made it halfway and I am ahead of my mileage by a bit!! I cannot believe I am over halfway done! So close in fact, that my husband and I have started mapping out the rest of my year/mileage to see when I might get done to do something big on my last run when I hit 2000 miles! It seems within reach now! I am glad I banked a few miles though as I need a break. I am hoping to finish off this week strong and take next week off. Everything is achy, sore, tired, creaky, etc. My body needs some good recovery time. Per my PT and doc, it is good every 12-16 weeks to take a week off. Well, I’ve been terrible about that lately. I haven’t taken a total wee off running in well over a year. So, it is time! I just hope I can finish this week off strong and enjoy no running next week to get my body back.
We are also knee-deep in summertime here. The heat and humidity have been at record highs in the morning which is making my already slow runs even worse. I am a full minute slower than I had been running with all this mileage and a whole 1:30 behind my strong running days. I just pray it is all these miles and heat causing my slow down.
I am also into another pair of running shoes. The same ones I was wearing but new pair, but for some reason this pair is rubbing bad. I can’t return them now as I got them for Christmas, so I am hoping it’s just a case of miss tying them or something I can easily fix. UGH it’s always something isn’t it??? LOL
This past 100 and month weren’t exciting at all. It was all about miles and crossing dates off the calendar getting me closer to the end of the year. The heat and humidity, higher mileage, early days and extra yoga classes haven run me ragged, so each day it’s just about logging my time in. Nothing special, nothing great. Just hot, tired miles. But I am so happy I am still running and still getting out there. And even though I love my running, I can’t wait for my break week next week. Then I can start the 2nd half of this year hopefully well rested and recovered. Man I could really use a massage or two as well!!! Why is running so expensive?? LOL

So here we are, half way through the year! 6 months and 900 miles to go…

How is your year going?