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FHH277Hello!! Anyone still out there? I know I haven’t had an update on my running in a while. This last 100 miles is taking a bit of time to complete. I took a much-needed rest week at the mid year point and just started back this past Friday. I cut yesterday’s run a couple of miles short due to my hamstring starting to hurt (YIKES!) so I will try to take the rest of the week nice and slow and easy and cut back if I need to. I feel like I will never hit the 1200 mile mark! LOL! I am still a bit ahead of schedule so that is good but feel like this month is dragging.

Not only is my leg weighing me down, but the heat. Oh god the heat here. While I’ve run in warmer weather, it’s also the high humidity. It’s almost 100% every day I run. That cuts my pace way down. I just hope once it cools off a bit this fall, I will reap the benefits of running in this weather and my pace will be lightning quick…right? Right??? That’s my dream! LOL!

Other than that, not much going on here…just starting to think about what I want to do on my last run of this 2000 miles….I want to make it a big day so pray my legs and knees hold out and we can celebrate 2000 miles in December!!!!

How is your summer going???