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Every runner can attest to the fact that most runs are hard. We push ourselves until we are run down, broken, hungry, etc. But every once in a while there comes a run so perfect we struggle to figure out why it was so perfect, so great, reminding us of why we run. It’s funny. Run after run after run can suck. You can do that same thing over and over again and they still suck. Then one random morning, it all comes together and your run is just PERFECT. But somehow as runners we cant seem to duplicate it. We can get close, try to do it again, but that gliding along, almost floating feeling, only comes every so often.

great day 3Well today was my perfect day. Which is funny it was today since I ALMOST bagged my run. My alarm went off promptly at 4:45 am and I groaned. Almost cried at the sound of my alarm. I have slept terribly all week and DIDNT want to run. So much so that I almost couldn’t pull myself out of bed. Now normally that would indicate I was just too overtired and needed sleep. But as you know, with having to run 2000 miles, I don’t have the luxury of bagging too many runs. So, I got up. Got my coffee, banana and pb, and water and got ready and hit the pavement at 545 am. And it was hot and sticky and starting to lightly rain, which is normally nice and keeps you cool. Except here. It makes it worse. And even in mile 1, I was trying to talk  myself out of running and turning back. But I kept going and somehow that tough mile one, which almost always is, seemed to turn great. I was just gliding along. The miles flew by, I was hitting paces I haven’t hit since December and felt great. And I cant say the weather helped as the temps kept rising but something was just working. I didn’t think anything new was going on with my runs except I was wearing my compression sleeves and thigh sleeve almost all day long. Maybe that was it. Who knows. All I know is today was great. My 7 miler actually felt, do I dare say, easy? Yes, yes it was. I needed this great run!great day

great day 2So as I rounded my last corner of the last half mile, I noticed the skies open up and the most perfect rainbow was in front of me. I almost stopped dead in my tracks. You see, rainbows represent my mom in heaven. The day we buried her, I came out of the luncheon and looked up and saw the most deeply colorful rainbow ever. It was like my mom showing her beauty to us from heaven letting us know it was all going to be ok. So, anytime I see a rainbow, which I usually do when I desperately need my mom, I always feel relief and comfort. Today, I felt it too. I believe in heaven and God above and often pray on my runs and have been praying a lot lately for my body to hold up injury free to finish this goal and raise money for the SOWF. And like all runs, I prayed today. I prayed in thanksgiving for a great run, talked to my mom throughout the run (I chat with her as if she is there on the run with me…LOL) and then I saw it. The most perfect rainbow. It almost brought tears to my eyes and I knew today was going to be great. And it was a great start.

And it continued to be great. My yoga classes were also on fire today. They have pushed themselves so much lately and this week have really made me proud. They are a true inspiration. And as I drove home from teaching, I teared up thinking of my classes, my great run and my mom. Today has been great. Perfect in fact.

So, tell me. How has today been great for you? See any rainbows?