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1200We finally made it to 1200 miles!! I thought this next 100 would never make it! I took a week off mid year to rest, recover, and gear up for the 2nd half of the year. So, while taking the week off was very nice, I don’t like how behind this month feels. Don’t worry, I am still ahead of where I should be at this point, I just hate seeing a lower number for the month. But the rest week did me some good. My knees were starting to ache and now feel ok, my exhaustion level was off the charts and now I feel ok, and my hunger and moods were crazy insane. While I am still eating everything under the sun, I feel like the week off really helped me realize just how much I was eating and what. I was able to clean up my diet a bit and get back on track.

Besides this 100 being slow to get, it was a hard-fought 100 miles. It has gotten even warmer and more humid here. Much much warmer than normal and most running mornings the humidity is 98-99%. Basically, running through wet, hot, and thick air. It has really made my runs rough and slow. I did have 2 amazing runs though this past 100 and that really helped me get my head back in the game. I knew going in that trying to run 2000 miles would be a slow go, higher mileage will do that to you, but I didn’t realize just how much it would get into my head. So, having 2 very very good runs recently, helped out a lot!

All in all, I am glad to get under 800 miles now. I am really looking forward to inching closer to the 500 mile mark. I feel like I will have a better grasp on when I will finish once I hit 500 miles.

This month also brought in me wearing my calf sleeves and thigh sleeve almost 100% of the time I am awake. I am struggling with recovery, heavy legs and tired legs, so wearing these sleeves really helps that a lot. I have taken on an extra few yoga classes to teach, so this helps with tired, heavy legs too. I wear them with my shorts, yoga clothes, running clothes, you name it..I am a sight! LOL!

photoThis 100 miles also saw my wonderful husband turn 41!! It was nice to celebrate his birthday during my rest week. His birthday fell on a Sunday, so we were able to sleep in, cook breakfast, be lazy all morning, before heading out to celebrate. I didn’t have to wake him up while I got up for my early Sunday run. It was a nice relaxing morning for once!

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So on to the next 100 miles….and hopefully a miracle of a break in this record hot summer here!!!
How is your summer going?