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A guest post from my wonderful husband…

To everyone out there who is supporting my wonderful wife and her crazy adventures this year, thank you.  I am so very proud of her and her motivation to dedicate so much time and energy to the betterment of others.  So today I’ll give a little bit of my own time, to share with you what it means to go through this, from the husband’s point of view.
If there is just one photo that can sum up this kind of effort, here it is. shoes And this is just the beginning of what you must endure, as a husband to the wife who is my little energizer bunny.  I don’t know if we own stock in Newton, but maybe we should.  She could open a running shoe store, so long as you like Newton and wear her size!  But this is what it takes, to cover that kind of distance in a year..
And then there’s the lifestyle changes.  We have to go to bed while it is still light out so she can get up at 0-dark-30.  When we plan a trip somewhere, she immediately starts looking for places to run there.  We’ve covered a room with all the t-shirts and medals from races she’s done.  I hand out more of her business cards than my own, and she’s not getting paid a dime to do this!  Did I mention the food trail?  Or the wrappers in her car?  Does anyone remember the white castle commercial where the guy takes his ride to the car wash and all the empty boxes fall out?  Yeah, that’s her car, except it’s protein snack packs, yogurts, water bottles, gu .. you get the idea.  She eats more than I do and weighs half as much!  But I’ll admit it has taught me some great tricks about how to eat healthy on the go, so I’ve extrapolated it to my world of racing (cars).
She is so focused on this goal and running that it has completely consumed her.  Even right now I’m sure she’s staring at a picture of the new Garmin Forerunner 225, on her phone, figuring out how to save up enough to buy it.  She’ll take new running shoes over flowers any day.  And her entire wardrobe has morphed into an athletic store.  The closet is full, but there’s always room for any new running shirt or shorts, compression sleeves, headbands..
All joking aside (I’m not joking people, this is all for real), she remains steadfast and focused, with one purpose, to get to 2000 miles in the course of the year to raise money for SOWF.  And of course, look good doing it!
So for the rest of this year, I’ll go to bed early, get up early, drive her to races, pray for her safety, eat weird foods that she’s put on our diets, brag about her, draw attention to her fundraising, sponsor her, support her and love her.  Sweaty post-run hugs and all.. And on the positive side – I can have my laundry done any day of the week, she’s always got the washer going!!
love you babe