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julyI made it through July!! Honestly I never thought this month would end. The week I took off flew by but the rest of the month? SLOW, HOT, SLOW and more HOT and some rain added in! LOL! It was a tough month! After a week off, it was a bit slow to get back at it. I eased my way back and while my legs and body were rested, everything was stiff to start. By the week after that I felt better but rain settled in for the rest of the month, so my energy level was dragging as was my mental game. To help entertain me on runs and help the miles, I started adding in intervals. 5-7 mins harder running, 1-2 mins recovery jog. That has helped a ton not only help me find my speed again, but make the miles move by a bit quicker. Less monotony out there mile after mile.
So overall, it was a quiet month. The week off did me a world of good, I am inching closer to being under 700 hopefully this upcoming week and my husband and I are starting to talk about what to do with my last run of this 2000 mile journey. finishIt seems like I am starting to see a faint light in this long tunnel. I feel like I have a better handle on the miles now and how to deal with the last 750 miles. It seems doable now. Plus, soon I will start to think about my next race in September and my half in October!! I am praying since they are out-of-town they are much cooler. I can dream, right?? LOL!

So, on to August. I am hoping maybe this is my first 200 mile month?? Could that happen? I hit my monthly minimum with July even with a week off, actually got a head 2 miles. So maybe if I run all my set runs in August, I can do it?????  Pray for COLD weather!!

How is your summer going?