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yogurt 1It’s been awhile since I have done a product review. As an active yoga teacher who teachers all over the area, I am constantly in my car or between classes finding myself hungry but not for a full meal right before I teach. I had been grabbing Gerber yogurt pouches and while good, just a bit too sweet for me. I wanted something geared more for adults. While getting more applesauce squeeze packs, also good, I stumbled upon these pouches. I grabbed a box and threw them in my yoga bag.
The next day I was teaching 4 classes and three were back to back, so I knew I would need to eat but can’t teach after a full meal. So, I grabbed one of these Buddy Fruits-Fruit Break Greek Yogurt pouches. They were great. Filling, healthy, natural and didn’t need refrigeration so I could take them anywhere. While they aren’t high in calorie, they do fill me up until I can sit down for a proper meal. I definitely recommend these for kids and adults alike looking for an all natural, healthy on the go snack. Even my husband takes a box or two to the track with him while car racing! Check them out at the store today!

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