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Once again, I found a fun tank on Etsy. On a fitness chat board I am part of, a girl posted a fun tank she had recently gotten for her birthday. The original seller wasn’t selling them again right now, so I hunted Etsy for anyone else who could make the tank. I found Sunset Sign Designs and she had just the tank I wanted. After she very nicely and promptly answered my 2432874823 questions, I had settled on the heartbeat tank with custom wording. Instead of the 13.1 on the tank design, I had her put 2000 miles on it and on the back add in “Running 2000 miles in 2015 for the SOWF. Ask me about it”
The tank came a lot faster than I thought it would and I wore it the very next class I had to teach. I got rave reviews on it and passed her name along to my Yoga For Runner’s class! I couldn’t be happier with this tank and this seller. She was wonderful to work with and quick turn around time. Check her out here!

Here is my custom tank in Kelly green:

tank 2 tank