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Last year when I ended the year running 1703 miles= to 130 1/2 marathons :-), I wanted something to reward myself with. I love Alex and Ani bracelets, but none of them in the running category interested me. So, I turned to Etsy. I found Jules Obsessions store and fell in love. Not only did she have wonderful pieces but at half the price of A&A bangles!!!  I immediately, literally while driving/riding home from Michigan at 5 am, ordered an I ❤ to run bangle. Julie’s response time in the order was great. I recieved the bangle within a couple days and started wearing it and showing it off!

Well, fast forward to a couple weeks ago. Julie sent out an email that she’s decided to start her own online store and start her own site! I was thrilled to see her take the leap and put faith in herself! 

I decided to contact her just to let her know what I was doing and how much I loved some of her new designs. We got to chatting over email and she kindly sent me a couple bangles in support of my efforts this year! What a generous and amazing person! She even gifted a couple more yoga and running  bangles I’ll raffle off! 😉

I can’t say enough about Julie. She is so very nice, generous and talented. Check out all her great ideas here! She not only has great pieces, but will work with you on large and small orders, gifts and try to customize the pieces to you as much as she can! She’s quick in her replies and help! 

Her pieces are great gifts for runners, athletes, Mother’s Day, graduation, girl power, angelic pieces, etc. 

Here are a few of mine and some to raffle off:



running, yoga and mileage

Here are some others:


yoga love


celebrate running accomplishments




Check out her site and take advantage of the August discount code LOTUS

Per Julie:

Customer Appreciation Coupon 

25% Off all merchandise before shipping

Good now through August 15! 

Enter code ~ LOTUS–The Lotus is Symbolic of New Beginning.  Please visit soon!