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Huge hugs to all my wonderful friends and supporters out there! 

With it being friendship month, one studio I work for is doing an August challenge of working out with a buddy. So, in the yoga classes I teach there, we’ve been doing partner yoga poses. The ladies have had a blast and really gotten to know each other. We’ve shared great laughs! And as we know, laughter is the best medicine. 😂

So, call up your friend and get moving this month! Also, don’t forget to encourage your friends to be healthy! Check out the image below from Oscar Health Insurance Company on how you and your friends can be healthy your whole life through! They’re a new health insurance company wanting to empower their members to be proactive about their health, instead of just going to the doctor when they’re already sick. If you’re in the area, you can learn more about their health insurance plans in New York and New Jersey. This image was shared with me as a reminder of how we can all be healthy together. (I am not affiliated with them just happy to share ways to live life well!) 

How will you and your friends workout it this month? Yoga together? Long walk or hike? Race? Share with me…