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In an effort to try to eat better, I recently tested a few Vega Products, plant based, gluten free, vegan products, from the very helpful and knowledgeable, Leslie Hugh ,my vega rep! Recently, I have been trying to clean up the food and products in my diet with better choices and less chemicals. And with running so many miles, I need to make my calories count and better fuel myself for my runs.
A fellow runner had suggested I try a few of the new Vega sport products. They now offer gels, electrolyte rehydrators, pre run/race drinks, etc. I was quite interested in all the new sport products and was lucky enough to try them out. Here are a few of the new products. Some I liked, some not so much!

vega 2First my favorite, the electrolyte hydrator. As my readers know, I love my Nuun. It is essential in the heat and humidity to replenish my electrolytes during and after a long run or hot yoga session so I was quite excited to try this out. It is all natural, vegan and zero calories. It has a great berry taste, hydrates very well, as well as my beloved Nuun and mixes well in my water. I have used this so far on my runs, teaching and working outside and have been rehydrated perfectly. This is a must have now! I will still buy and use my Nuun, but will add this to my rotation as well! This is one to try!

vega 4Next up to try, is the Vega sport gel, similar to Gu, my other beloved running product. I was nervous to try this out on my long run as with many runners, I was afraid of how this would sit on my stomach and didn’t want to be caught far from my car or a bathroom if something were to go wrong. But this past weekend I gave it a try. I took half about halfway thru my run as I always do with my Gu. Right away the texture hit me. It was grittier than Gu with a slightly thicker consistency, but I could get past it. I wasn’t thrilled with the taste it was just, natural. Great orange zest, but you could immediately tell it was plant based. Again, not bad but a taste I would need to get used to. I did find it fueled me very well, sat well on my stomach and gave me the energy to finish my run strong. I still think Gu is my go to, but I will start adding these in in my gel rotation. I think in the long run I will learn to love this one as much as my Gu and then just grab either from the cupboard and go. (My husband didn’t like these so we will still keep Gu on hand for him. I can use either though 🙂 )

vega 1Next to try was the sport protein. Recently, my husband and I have been adding in protein shakes to our diet as a breakfast meal. We have been using the Lean 25 shakes from GNC and really enjoy them. They are filling, high in protein and great tasting. So, when I saw the sport protein and vega meal shake, I was excited to try these. My husband tried the vega meal shake. He liked the taste but not the texture, gritty, I didn’t mind the texture but didn’t like the stevia taste. It was quite strong. I then tried the berry flavored sport protein. That I liked much better. Less stevia taste, less grit and filled me up and was perfect before teaching 3 classes ina row. My husband still prefers the GNC Lean 25, I don’t mind either. I just didn’t like the Vega meal shake. But the protein (blue packet) was just fine. One I would keep in my diet!

vega 3Finally, the accelerator. This is used after a hard workout or run to speed up recovery. I haven’t tried this yet, but will be after my next long run. My running friend loves it and has found her recovery during her marathon training now has been much better. Less soreness, less heavy leg,&  great hydration! I am excited to try it out!

Lastly, I also was to try the energizer drink to have before a workout. I tried it and didn’t like it at all. Like 1-3 sips and I could barely stomach it. I didn’t like the flavor or texture at all.

Have you tried Vega yet? What are your favorites? How do you fuel yourself to create a healthier/happier you?