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14001400 miles done!!!!! I am feeling so good now about the last 600 miles. I feel like I can map out the last runs and see when I will finish! I can see the light now. I am excited to do the 500 mile to go post though. For some reason since this all started that is the post, well besides the FINAL mileage post lol, I have been waiting to post. I feel like posting only a quarter to go will feel sooo good! I feel like 500 wont seem like much at that point to go. When I started this in January getting to the last 500 seemed sooo far away, but we are only 100 miles ’til we hit the LAST QUARTER!!! This past 100 was warm again. I was just trying to get the miles done. We had a nice break there during the rain that blew in but the heat came back hard. So I am just happy I survived it! LOL!

Today’s run was fun. Even though I was slower as I played with my watch a lot on the first 10 miles, I felt ok! And the last 4 miles my friend, Jen, met me and we ran the last 4 together so I could get in 14. I feel badly as I was CRAZY slow on the 4 miles with her, but she was such a good sport and walked when I needed. Next time I promise JEN I will run better lol!!! Thanks for getting me through those last 4 so I could hit 14 miles today!

It is still crazy warm though. I cannot wait to run when I go visit family soon. ANYTHING will feel better than this. 600 3

The other, probably most exciting of this past 100, news is I am now a proud owner of a Garmin 225.IMG_5626 IMG_5625 I have been staring at, researching, and lusting after this watch for a while now and the good people at Fitniche helped me out with getting it by giving me a great discount. I have been saving up for it and with their generous discount, I was able to get the watch yesterday and took it out on it’s first run this morning! I am in love! I will definitely do a full review post of it and Fitniche.

So on to the next 100 miles…100 miles at a time we are getting closer and closer to the final run of the 2000 miles!600

So, how are your runs? Any fun new gear?