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On a fitness chat board I frequent, there was a recent post about Noosa yogurt. I hasn’t heard about it, actually, I thought the pumpkin noosa they were referring too was a pastry lol! But in the end I decided to give it a try. 

Target was the closet place I could find it and at a great price. Not sure what to expect I tried the pumpkin first. I love mixing pure pumpkin and Greek yogurt together, so trying the pumkin first was a no-brainer! Ummmm, OMG this yogurt is GREAT! More like dessert great as it isn’t the healthiest yogurt (higher in calories) but it definitely curbed my sweet tooth, so creamy and decadent, so that’s a win! Less dessert and more dessert tasting yogurt?? WIN! 

It’s a full fat yogurt so it’s more satisfying and filling, sweet and fruity so it curbs sweet tooth, and thick and creamy consistency similar to ice cream! 

But what is noosa yogurt? 

Per their site, IT’S DIFFERENT.

We Aussies are famous for embracing other cultures, then adding our own little twist to make them our own. (It’s not “stealing,” it’s “being inspired.” There’s a difference!)

That’s exactly what we did with our noosa finest yoghurt. We took a page from the Greeks (Ta, Greeks!) with their famously rich yoghurt. Ours is made in small batches, set, and infused with honey to give it that delicious sweet-tart tang, and smooth, velvety texture that sets us apart from the throng. We add just the right amount of fruit purees, made from the best the seasonal market has to offer, and pack it in clear tubs so you can see for yourself the lusciousness of what you’re about to enjoy.

MILK.We make noosa with milk from Morning Fresh Dairy, right on site at their farm in Bellvue, Colorado. Family-owned and operated since 1894, Morning Fresh is locally renowned for the sweet, rich, all natural milk their happy cows produce. Why are their cows so happy? All of them graze on open pasture at least 90 days per year, and the rest of the time, dine on home-grown grain, silage and alfalfa to ensure the highest quality feed without the use of harmful pesticides. Morning Fresh milk is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH) and artificial preservatives.

FARM FRESH: A day on the dairy

HONEY. To lightly sweeten our noosa finest yoghurt, we use the amazingly pure-tasting, golden Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive, family-owned since 1908.

FRUIT. Our all natural fruit purees are made with the highest quality, best-tasting fruit on the market, and are free of artificial ingredients of any kind

So, try this yogurt out. Sure it isn’t the healthiest of yogurts as it’s higher in calorie but it is better than dessert and full of healthy things-all natural, farmstead made right here on the farm, rBGH free, no artificial hormones, ever. Ever! Infused with honey-From Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive, full of seasonal fruit-Our purees come from fruit harvested at their seasonal peak of ripeness, and fills you up and curbs that nasty sweet tooth!