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Well the review I have been waiting to do is here. The Garmin 225!

IMG_5625 IMG_5626Back a few years ago when I started back to running, I used my phone for my runs. It would announce when I hit each mile, the pace, calories, etc. And it was great. It got me from barely running a mile to almost my first half marathon. Right before my first half, my generous husband surprised me with the Garmin Forerunner 110. It was a watch based GPS that tracked my runs, showed my pace, time, distance, included an HRM strap and calculated my calories. I was no longer strapped to my phone. I raced that first half with it and fell in love. I could quickly see my pace and time without playing around with my phone. No more dead phone batteries on long runs. I could just run. And it helped me push my pace as I could see it right away on my wrist.

Well, I’ve run a few thousand miles since then and am at the point where my Garmin was slightly less powerful and less bells and whistles than I need now running 2000 miles. In my search for a better Garmin or GPS watch, I found the Garmin 225. IMMEDIATELY I fell in love. I loved the GPS and wrist based HRM, no more strap, the activity tracker, the different sport modes and screens and can download workouts and set up intervals right on the watch. I was ready to take my training to the next level and this would do it.

First off, this is great for multi sport. You can track your daily steps, full day calorie burn, track sleep patterns, run inside and outside with it and accessories to help with swimming and cycling. For me this was it.

But there was just ONE problem. The price. As with any hobby things get expensive and my running all these miles was getting pricey. You see people have been very generous with their donations. Even some have offered to help fund my running, so I can keep pushing to mile 2000, instead of donating and while I can certainly use any funding of my running as it is getting very expensive, I couldn’t stomach taking money from the charity. So, all of the funding of my running is at my and my husbands expense. So, getting the Garmin was a next year item. And, I was ok with that. I’d rather money go the SOWF. But, some very generous people at Fitniche came to the rescue. I’ve been saving up my extra pennies to afford this Garmin and was just a bit shy of being able to get it. That’s when Fitniche stepped in an offered me a discount at their store. Well as luck would have it, they had the 225. So, off I went and the very helpful Brian, set me up and I could finally get the Garmin!! I couldn’t wait to run the next day after I finally got it!

Right out of the box, I was able to quickly set up my settings and strap it on. The initial set up and start was very easy to learn. Not much to read and figure out. So, I went for a quick walk in my neighborhood to test it out and see how accurate it was. The pace and distance was dead on to my old Garmin and what I’ve tested distance wise in my car. AWESOME!

So, I charged it up to be ready for the next days, 14 miler!!! The next morning I detached it from the charger, which I should add is A BILLION TIMES BETTER than my old Garmin. Half the time I couldn’t get my old Garmin to connect with the charger. It was a headache. This new one, slipped on the charger with ease. Right away I noticed that it was already calculating my calories based on my personal settings from that midnight, start of the day. My heart rate was registered immediately and I was already adding in steps! YES!

Off I went on my run. The other thing I LOVE about this new Garmin is how quickly it picks up the satellites. My last Garmin it would take 2-10 mins to pick up. This took seconds. SCORE!

And I hit start and was off. It was easy to read with the backlight in the dark, easy to scroll screens and a great easy stop feature to pause or end the session. Reading the history is fast and very informative. It shows pace, time, distance, spm, heart rate, calorie burn and date/start time.

I loved it. Just what I wanted and it’s also equipped with an accelerator to use in doors on a treadmill with no footpad needed!

The only thing that I am skeptical of is the calorie burn. It was drastically higher than when I wear a strap. So  I have no idea if the strap is just weaker and less accurate or if this is. So, I recorded my calorie count a bit higher than what the old one read. I figure this may pick up my heart rate and calculate calories better but mayyyybe not as high as it said.

So overall, how do I rate this? For me personally a 10 for sure. I am excited to try out the interval feature where you can set a warm up, cool down and run/walk intervals and it will ding or vibrate when you need to change to run and walk! I can just do the interval run and the watch does all the calculating and reminding me of time for me!

Garmin is a great company and great products. Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention, as it just vibrated, there is a MOVE feature, reminding you to move if you have been inactive for too long. I guess I’ve been typing too long! LOL!

So, what running gear is your favorite? Tech? Clothing?