As I mentioned in my last post, Fitniche has been very supportive. They are a locally owned running store, run by athletes, who know running and the mechanics well and are very helpful–they helped me out with getting my Garmin 225!!! When speaking with Rich, the owner, he worked with me on setting up an event to support the SOWF. The local Fitniche host a weekly Thursday night pub run/walk. They have set it up that one of the upcoming pub runs will be in honor of the SOWF. On October 29 at 6 and 6:30, they will do their normal two 5k run/walks for the pub events but they will be in donation to the SOWF. They will collect donations and have something in return for you through a raffle, discount, something for your generous donation!  It is also the night that is set to come and celebrate Halloween. Everyone comes dressed festively and enjoys a great fall night getting and staying healthy! 

Brian, the WC manager, and the owner Rich have worked together so that on that particular night, Oct 29 for either or both runs, donate, run/walk and have fun. Stop at the pub after for discounts too! Shop the store for all your active needs! 

So come out, October 29th, 2015 at 6 and 6:30 pm and walk or run the 5k route and enjoy getting healthy with your community while raising money for a great cause.

See you there…