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We are down another month! We are almost through the worst of the heat here…just a few more weeks and we will feel relief here!!! I can’t wait. I am so excited to do this post. A year ago August I hit close to 200 miles in my mileage for the month. I wasn’t gunning for anything huge last year, actually didn’t even make my goal until October last year..lol, but I came close to 200 last August. Since then I have been chasing that 200. Each month I come close, 190, 192, 193..but haven’t hit that 200 yet. Until now! Yesterday, after my amazingly GREAT 15 miler, I hit 200 miles (208 miles for the month after this morning’s run!) ! I was on top of the world. I knew if I didn’t do it this month there may not ever be the opportunity again as I start to train for my half and inch closer and closer to 2000, when I will cut back to normal mileage. So this month was it. I started the month out with only one thing in mind. DONT MISS ANY RUNS. Even one missed run would’ve made this goal impossible. So, each running morning, no matter what, I had to run. Well as luck would have it, we started off this month with monsoons. Of course! LOL! So I took to the treadmill and a few runs had to be in doors. That was killer. OY! But, I kept my goal in mind and kept going. Then, the heat came back worse than ever. But, that didn’t stop me. Run by run I was knocking the miles off. And I was soooo close!
When I got up yesterday, I had only planned to do 10-12 depending on the remnants left from Erika. They said the storms would roll in and be bad. So, I got up at 420, headed out the door and on the road pounding the pavement by 520 only to realize the storms weren’t moving in like they said. So, I kept running hoping to hit 12. About 2-3 miles in, I realized my pace was fantastic. I kept pushing to see how well I could do and how far I could get. Well, by the time I was only a couple of miles from my car, I decided 12 wasn’t good enough and since I was feeling great, I decided to keep going the extra 3 miles. That 200 was staring me in the face and I was going to finish off with 15 to guarantee I hit 200. I wasn’t sure how the weather would be Monday morning, so I pushed. I stopped by my car, grabbed my emergency extra water and gu and set off for 3 more miles. And, I did it. 200 miles in the books! Besides trying to run races, 2000 miles, this is one of the best running goals I have ever achieved for myself! I am so crazy proud of myself. TWO HUNDRED in one month. Sure, to some that is nothing, but I am not an ultra runner. I am just a girl trying to raise money for charity. Someone after her car accident was told she’d never run again. Someone who set her sights and achieved a huge goal for herself! It’s one of the best I have ever felt about my running and myself!

And look at that perfect log for the month of August! It’s just awesome!! So, on to the next 4 months. The next few months will be fun. I have a race this weekend–a 10k, a half in October in Hershey (YUM) and then it’s all downhill to the 2000th mile! It’s all so close now!

Don’t forget the fun events coming up too! Beef O’Bradys and Fitniche are hosting events to raise money and then the big final, 2000th mile run in December. Once I have details if I do anything big for it, I will announce it here!

How are your summer goals going? Ready for fall? I am! Cooler weather, college football GO BLUE, and all of the holidays. This is MY favorite time of year!! Labor Day thru Jan 1! Bring it on!