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Mile after mile, sweaty run after sweaty run, I have made it to the last 25% to go. Less than 500 miles until the end of the 2000 mile journey!500 miles I cannot believe the end is so close now. I am a couple weeks ahead of schedule, so I may end up finishing early, but I cannot wait. I cannot believe I am so close now. This has been an incredible journey of miles, meeting amazing people, finding support in others I thought I’d never find, and finding strength in myself I never thought I had. To keep running through this horribly hot summer is amazing to me. Normally, I am one to cut back in this heat, but this year I had to keep pushing and found out what I am really made of. I have had moments of questioning this all, but never once wanted to bag it all. I knew I had to keep going, I knew I had this in me, and I KNOW I can finish this last 492 miles!

This past 100 was great actually. I had a great 15 miler, worked more on speed, and had a great 10k race with my best friends in Michigan, post coming!
I even ran three great runs while visiting family in Michigan. Had some friends join me along one of my runs too! deerThis past 100 was fun actually. The hills in Michigan gave me a great workout, running a race with friends was a blast, and powering through warm mornings!

So, on to the next 100, a 100 closer to my half marathon in October, a 100 closer to the 2000th mile!

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